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The Importance of Professional Carpet Cleaning

Its easy to overlook the value of having your carpets professionally cleaned. After all, you regularly vacuum and scrub out spills and stains from time to time, so is a professional cleaning really worth it? The answers may lie in the carpet itself. Surprisingly, carpet harbors a lot of unseen bacteria, dirt, hair, and, of course, dust mites. Even regularly vacuuming your carpet with a high suction vacuum will leave a majority of dust and bacteria untouched. You simply need a more comprehensive cleaning. Not only will your carpet be sanitized and stain free, it will look and smell much better after a thorough cleaning. Here is a quick look at some of the procedures that go into professional carpet cleaning to give you a sense of the benefits of superior clean.

Pre-Vacuuming & Pre-Treatment

These initial steps are essentially meant to prime the carpet for a deep cleaning. The vacuuming is done with a commercial vacuum to remove the finest dust and hair before the complete extraction process. After this, a powerful, high concentration cleaner is applied to break down embedded dirt in high traffic areas and noticeable spots. At this stage, stains are addressed with powerful stain removers that ordinary carpet cleaning supplies can’t handle.

Dirt Extraction & Deodorization

A powerful extraction system is used to remove all dirt embedded in the carpet. This cleaning process actually cleans the base of the carpet fibers through a highly effective steam cleaning system. Once this is completed, a quick dry process is used to remove excess water from the carpet. Finally, a deodorizing treatment is used to ensure the carpet smells as great as it looks.

Neutralizer, Post Spot Treatment, and Grooming

The neutralizing process ensures that your carpet resists dirt accumulation, feels softer, and remains clean for longer. Next, the carpet is surveyed for any remaining stains or spots and a specialty spotting solution is applied to remove those stubborn spots. Getting an additional carpet protector for post cleaning is a good idea to extend the carpet life and eliminate stains better. The final step is a post clean carpet grooming where wand marks and footprints are removed. The carpet fibers are then separated and raised for faster drying.