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Water Damage

Water Damage

At any time of the year, pipes can break, toilets can overflow, and you may experience water damage in your home, business or commercial facility. When this occurs, you need experts who respond quickly, 24/7, and know how to dry and restore the property to its previous condition or better. Proper Water damage mitigation is an actual Science. To protect yourself and your property, you should have a licensed certified water mitigation company perform the work. Water damage no matter how small can be a serious issue if not handled correctly causing long term damaging effects such as mold. It is important to reach out to a company who specializes in emergency services like water mitigation, giving you options and a plan for properly warrantied work.

Ensuring that your project is moving ahead with a process that runs quickly and efficiently, CRBR Project Managers provide support on location and lead day-to-day activities. Project Managers are educated on industry standards and drying methods on a regular basis, making sure we are employing the latest techniques and maintaining those industry standards. We can handle any size loss. Our technicians are often the first to arrive on the scene, so they are prepared in all Aspects of emergency services, water mitigation, and drying standards. CRBR adheres to the IICRC Industry Standards of performance. (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification)

Our emergency services fleet consists of multiple dedicated flood vehicles; all equipped with high- velocity truck mounted extraction systems. In addition to a dedicated water damage fleet, we have at our disposal specialized carpentry, construction, moving vehicles, and passenger vans to transport labor resources and transport property contents. We also facilitate our hard boxes should on-site storage be necessary, waste containers for refuse, and a multitude of vaults and storage containers for materials and property storage in a controlled environment at our facilities in Chico, Redding, Yuba City Sacramento, and Reno, NV.

We are continually investing in our equipment and firmly believe in providing leading edge technology. CRBR utilizes the latest infrared cameras, hundreds of fans, air movers, dehumidifiers, air scrubbers, ozone machines, a portable desiccant dryer and a mobile desiccant drying trailer for large-scale drying. We can take care of small and large jobs equally. This investment in technology gives CRBR the flexibility and resources to efficiently handle jobs, thus keeping the overall cost down. This investment in equipment also includes our estimating and pricing software provided by Xactware. We currently use the latest release of Xactimate, which is version 28. This software is recognized and accepted by the insurance industry and has standardized pricing. Additionally, we can and will work in any software pricing structure required by our customers including Time and Material.

We are current and active members of the following associations and organizations and have obtained certification where applicable:  The Restoration Industry Association (RIA), Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC), World Floor Covering Association (WFCA), Carpet & Fabricare Institute (CFI), Cleaning & Restoration Association (CRA), EPA Lead-Safe Certified Firm, Better Business Bureau (A+) Rating and California State Contractors License Board #689238. Reno State Contractors License Board #0079557.

Water Extraction & Sewage

Whether you have water, wind, fire or another type of disaster – chances are you might be in need of a water extraction. People hear fire and often think that there’s no way they would need water extraction after a fire job, but the reality is that often a fire can lead to water damage due to the amount of water required to put out the fire. You never know when you might need a water extraction service, water damage can happen at any time and any moment. When disaster strikes, you need a company that you can count on for speedy and reliable service – then look no further than Cleanrite-Buildrite. For over 50 years we’ve been doing it right when it comes to water damage, restoration, and extraction! From floods, broken pipes and toilet overflows to rainwater, refrigerator leaks, water lines and washing machine hose breaks to snow damage, dishwasher leaks and hail damage – we’re the experts in anything and everything related to water extraction! Whether you’ve got wet carpet, wet padding, wet walls, wet ceilings and beyond – we can help with the water extraction and dry out process. We always use the latest technology to help ensure the fastest extraction process. Leaving water sitting for a period opens up the opportunity to cause mold and other hazards to your home. We accelerate the drying and water extraction process by placing powerful dry out fans through affected areas and reduce humidity levels with a dehumidifier. As you can see, water extraction process is rigorous; that’s why we have a dedicated team for each project to check in and monitor during the times when we might not be at your home. We work closely with your insurance company and adjusters to get the water extracted and dried out as quickly as possible. CRBR has been doing it “RITE” for over 50 years because we’re the company that business owners and homeowners to get it done right, the first time.

Sewage Cleanup

Sewage backup in your home or business represents a dangerous biohazard situation. The sewage itself can cause serious health problems for anyone who comes in contact with it, and it can also leave behind harmful residues and contaminants. Don’t try to clean up the sewage on your own—the minute you discover the sewage backup in your home or business, call Cleanrite-Buildrite. It’s never a good idea to cleanup sewage or any other biohazard waste that may be lurking around your property because you never know what dangers might await. Our highly trained and fully equipped team members will clean up the damage quickly, safely, and effectively—taking special care to ensure that the contaminants are not spread any further in your home. They will remove any standing water, dry the area, and thoroughly decontaminate every room affected by the sewage. When you call CRBR, you can know that your property will be safe and clean again in no time! When dealing with sewage clean up, it’s important to handle contaminated items affected by flood or sewage spills with proper cleaning and disinfecting procedures. Sewage backups and dark water are gross, dirty and often leave behind smelly deposits.

Drying and Dehumidification

Did you know that mold can grow within 24-48 hours after spores are attached to an item and will begin to settle in 1-12 days. Mold problems are most often caused by water damage such as flood, pipe leaks, leaky roofs, swollen floor boards and other water stained type areas. That’s why when water leaks, water loss or water damage occurs it’s imperative that we take fast action in drying out and dehumidifying the affected areas. For over 50 years the team at Cleanrite-Buildrite has been providing area drying and dehumidification services to the surrounding Northern California areas. As water restoration and mold remediation contractors, it’s important for us to do our best to not only extract water but also to help control moisture temperatures as well. People often ask if extracting and removing wet areas is enough and the short answer is it’s not. It’s important to use a thorough dry out and dehumidification process to prevent accumulation of moisture in the air which if not treated properly could cause other collateral damage such as an infestation of mold. Due to moisture levels and temperatures rising and changing it’s important to have trustworthy and reliable water and mold restoration team on your side. At CRBR we pride ourselves on having a team that is available for all your water loss, area drying, and dehumidification needs. We will work with you and your insurance company to make the dry out process as fast and easy as possible. We are here for you 24/7/365 days a year.

Water Mitigation

Dry Check Services & Moister Detection: As a partner, CRBR offers dry check services to our customers if they want an expert opinion on any damage. We will also work with you like your community resource in evaluating water damage that you have questions or concerns with. CRBR adheres to the high standards set forth by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration (IICRC) S500; water damage restoration and S520; mold remediation. These are standards and guidelines established by both the American National Standard Institute (ANSI) and IICRC.

Flooded Basements

Basement floods are the dread of every property owner. The damage caused by basement floods can cost thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars to repair. Not only will the water damage the structure of your property, but it can also ruin valuable electronics, heirlooms, and other possessions. Whether the flood was caused by a burst pipe, overflowing river, rain, or water line break, the water damage recovery experts at Cleanrite-Buildrite will be able to restore your basement completely to its pre-flood condition. Our highly trained property restoration crew can take care of any flood damage situation, no matter how large or small. We will use the most advanced equipment and techniques to extract all standing water, dehumidify the entire area, provide structural repairs, and restore any damaged contents. By the time CRBR is through, your property will be completely restored!

Pipe Bursts

When a pipe burst occurs on your property, you’ll need help fast. Since pipe bursts can cause significant damage to your property if left unrepaired, it’s important to call the burst pipe repair experts at Cleanrite-Buildrite the minute you discover damage to your property. If you notice reduced water pressure after an especially cold night or any sort of water damage anywhere in your home, give CRBR a call. Our experts will arrive on-site within minutes to repair the pipe and clean up the damage. It’s important to give us a call when a pipe burst occurs because long term water damage left unattended could lead to more serious issues like mold. Whether it’s a broken pipe, pipe burst, dishwasher leak, or washing machine hose that has caused water damage, it’s imperative to get it looked at and dried out as soon as possible. Early detection can save your home and business from the devastating damage


CRBR is a Certified Company with the IICRC. We use the IICRC and CRA as training facilitators for our staff. Our employees and management have various training credentials and certifications depending on their level of expertise. In the case of a water intrusion, TIME is the critical factor. This is why response time and accurate and immediate standards need to be applied to minimize cost and further damage. CRBR utilizes industry calibrated water meters (Protimeter) and Thermal Imaging to accurately depict water damage. We have the capabilities for Non-invasive and Invasive techniques. There are several aspects that can go into the clean-up of water damage depending on the Category and Class of the damage. To effectively mitigate water damage it requires science and expertise. The IICRC refers to this as “the science of drying” do to the critical nature and steps to be taken. It is a combination or timing, humidity, air temperature, environment, what was affected, the source of the damage, proper air movement, and dehumidification. Additionally, the process of monitoring is essential to increase effectiveness. The long-term effects of water damage, if not treated right, can create Mold or additional complications. Utilizing a professional will help in minimizing these potential complications as most reputable companies stand behind a warranty in their drying process. If it is DONE RITE the first time, there should not be any risks.

Water Damage, related to mold

Water damage if unattended and not professionally mitigated can lead to bigger problems such as mold growth. Mold can grow within 24-48 hours after spores are attached to an item and will begin to settle in 1-12 days? Mold problems are most often caused by water damage such as flood, pipe leaks, leaky roofs, dishwasher overflow, washing machine leaks, swollen floorboards and other water stained type areas. It’s imperative to get an assessment of your water damage for mold to make sure that if you have mold, it doesn’t spread. Mold requires special containment and fast action to ensure that it doesn’t quickly spread into other areas of your home. Mold isn’t always preventable, but sometimes it is! It’s a good idea to keep your eyes and ears open for ways that you can prevent it. Mold is a type of fungi that can appear everywhere. When it comes to mold prevention, the number one way to prevent mold is to keep your eyes out for any water damage. Water damage might include leaking pipes, burst pipes, dishwasher, gutters, air conditioning condensation and more! Recognizing signs of water loss and immediately addressing any water loss will help immensely in preventing mold from appearing. If you’re not able to catch water damage before a larger water loss, it’s important to get a water extraction team as soon as possible to remove any water. Here are a few more tips to help prevent mold: Clean out gutters on a regular basis Immediately fix leaky pipes, dishwashers, and washing machines Make sure your property has proper drainage to allow for water to drain properly When taking a hot shower or bath, open a window or make sure to use a fan to avoid water collection and potential mold. If you see condensation or moisture collecting on windows, walls or pipes it’s important to dry the wet surface immediately away and minimize the amount of moisture and water exposure. These are just a few suggestions on how to help prevent mold. If you can see mold or suspect you might have mold, it’s important to call the CRBR team immediately to help with proper mold containment and removal. Attempting to do so incorrectly can cause the mold to spread. Trust the professionals to take care of your home and your health; we’ve been doing it for over 50 years. If you see or suspect Mold in your home, business or vehicle, give us a call so we can do a mold inspection and see what’s going on.

Categories & Classes of Water Damage

Category 1 Water – “Clean Water” does not pose the substantial threat to humans. Broken supply lines, tub or sink overflows or appliance malfunctions.

Category 2 Water – “Grey Water” contains a significant degree of chemical, biological or physical contaminants. Discomfort or sickness when exposed or even consumed. Toilet bowls with urine (no feces), sump pump failures, seepage due to hydrostatic failure, and water discharge from dishwashers or washing machines.

Category 3 Water – “Black Water” is grossly unsanitary. Contains unsanitary agents, harmful bacteria, and fungi causing severe discomfort or sickness. Type 3 category are contaminated water sources that affect the indoor environment. This category includes water sources from sewage, seawater, rising water from rivers or streams, surface groundwater or standing water. Category 2 Water or Grey Water that is not promptly removed from the structure and or has remained stagnant may be reclassified as Category 3 Water. Toilet back flows that originate from beyond the toilet trap is deemed black water contamination regardless of visible content or color.

Class of water damage is determined by the probable rate of evaporation based on the type of materials affected, or wet, in the room or space that was flooded. Determining the class of water damage is a significant first step, and will determine the amount and type of equipment utilized to dry-down the structure.

Class 1 – Slow Rate of Evaporation. Affects only a portion of a room. Materials have a low permeance/porosity. The materials absorb minimum moisture.

Class 2 – Fast Rate of Evaporation. Water affects the entire room of carpet and cushion. May have wicked up the walls, but not more than 24 inches.

Class 3 – Fastest Rate of Evaporation. Water comes from overhead, affecting the entire area; walls, ceilings, insulation, carpet, cushion, etc .

Class 4 – Specialty Drying Situations. Involves materials with a very low permeance/ porosity, such as hardwood floors, concrete, crawlspaces, plaster, etc. Drying requires very low specific humidity to accomplish drying.