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Tile & Grout Cleaning

Tile & Grout Cleaning

Many facilities and homes have replaced carpet with tile. Tile is durable, traps less dirt and carpet mites, easier to maintain and holds a better life of product value. However, cleaning that tile and grout are still a constant battle. The professionals at CRBR know how to properly clean tile and grout while maintaining its color and shine. At CRBR we use the latest in equipment technology to deliver a deep tile cleaning process that cuts through tough dirt and grime. Like carpet, tile to has many material types that a trained technician will be able to assess. This will help in the evaluation of what products to use in cleaning the tile and how to get the best result. Tile cleaning can be a long, tedious process. There are countless products and brushes etc. out on the market today, but they can cause actual damage to the tile over time. Why should you clean your tile and grout? Grout is made of porous material that can soak in dirt. After a time, grout gets discolored. If not cleaned regularly grout will no longer look a uniform color. The tile will lose its sparkle. Hiring a professional to clean can save time and hassle. Professionals tile cleaners like CRBR have the tools and know-how to get the deep down dirt out and restore your floor to its original beauty. CRBR uses high-pressure, high-temperature deep steam cleaning equipment in our tile and grout cleaning process. This is a very effective way to not only clean with high pressure but to help disinfect with the heat as well. The process does not react with the chemical makeup of the tile. Thus the color stays bright longer and if there is a shine to the tile it too will last longer from the cleaning. Sealing is the critical step in tile and grout cleaning. Without sealing properly, dirt and spills will soak into the porous nature of the tile and grout. This makes it harder and harder to clean over time. The sealant acts as a protective barrier against dirt and spills but also increases the time between cleanings. Which means you don’t have to clean as often. Grout sealer maintains the grout lines, keeps the dirt from penetrating and helps when you need to wipe up those sudden spills.

Who should clean your tile and grout? When looking for a company to hire there are some things to look for. Search for businesses with experience, ones that are licensed and insured, reasonably priced and have staff that is honest and friendly. The time to clean may vary. The size of the area, how dirty it is, and how accessible the area is will affect the time it takes. How often should tile and grout be cleaned? The frequency of cleaning can depend on many factors. Some factors are the amount of traffic, any pets, and if children are around. A good average is to clean floors professionally every 12-18 months. Should I have my grout sealed? Sealing adds a layer to protect dirt from entering pores of the grout. There are two main types of sealing. A transparent sealing or a color sealing. Color sealing is a good choice if the grout is stained. It is also the only sealing that is waterproof.

Some effective pro-active steps in maintaining tile floors

1. Keep the grout lines sealed regularly.
2. Sweep and Vacuum the floor on a daily basis.
3. Mop with warm water on occasion.
4. Clean excess dirt, mud or pet waste with a mild disinfectant.
5. Clean up spills right away.
6. Do not use wax build up products on the tile.
7. A mild solution of warm water and Vinegar can be used to help clean troubled areas.
8. Baking soda with warm water and a toothbrush can help keep grout lines clean and sparkling. Make a paste like material and work it into the area. Remember to seal the area ounce you clean.
9. Protect high traffic areas with a “non-slip” area rug. This will reduce the loss of shine and color to the tile.
10. Call CRBR for a tile cleaning SMARTcare program today! We can help you keep your tile and grout looking healthy and new.

Laminate & Vinyl Floors & Vinyl Ceramic Tile (VCT)

CRBR has been cleaning and maintaining Vinyl Floors for over 50 years. We have proven techniques and training that helps our technicians professionally clean Vinyl floors with the greatest results. Our proven process that utilizes several steps has been a cleaning trademark of CRBR. Our technicians use an assessment process when cleaning Vinyl flooring which helps us deliver the RITE Vinyl floor cleaning solution to our customers. Cleaning is only one step in the process as sealing is also a critical component to Vinyl floor cleaning. Our clients want a floor that is not only visibly cleaner but also maintains that CRBR Cleaned RITE look! Call us today for a no charge consultation on cleaning your Vinyl flooring. Both Residential and Commercial. We have the Team and the equipment for any size job. Vinyl Ceramic Tile or VCT as it is commonly known is also a cleaning strength of CRBR. This type of tile is used more in Commercial buildings and offices. It has replaceable squares which make it easy to maintain from all the walking traffic it will endure.

The squares can be easily popped out and replaced where needed. CRBR has the RITE equipment to clean your VCT. We have been cleaning all types of VCT tile for over 50 years. We are experts in stripping wax build up, applying new wax shine and buffing for that Cleaned RITE look! Assessment – Cleaning Plan of Action – Scope of work to be done – Convenient Scheduling – Established time frame – Guarantee – SMARTCare Laminate and Vinyl flooring are being used more often in homes, commercial buildings and businesses. It comes in a variety of colors and material types. It can be easier to maintain than carpet if you use the right cleaning methods. Laminate is much easier for the consumer to keep clean. It requires very simple cleaning methods focused around regularly sweeping to remove dirt, light wet mopping and attention to types of spills when they arise. Actually the less you use on laminate, the better it will come clean and keep its original material color and shine. It can be very durable and seamless, so there are no grout lines for dirt to get trapped. For a natural laminate floor cleaning alternative, mix equal parts white vinegar, water, and rubbing alcohol. Vinegar is a powerful natural cleanser, and rubbing alcohol helps the solution to evaporate faster.

Here are some points to consider when you have laminate floors: Too much water. More is less when you are cleaning. Do not over soak the floor. The wrong cleaners. These can damage your floor and leave unsightly streaks. Type of Mop. This can add to the over watering step. The wrong mop may spread too much water. Vacuuming and sweeping. It’s so simple but effective. Furniture moving/damage. You’d be surprised. Leads to scratches and damages beyond repair. Get help. Streaks from residue. Can come from using that store bought special product….be careful what you put on your floors. Plants that are overwatered. Very common. They can leave a nasty, moldy stain on the flooring. Water condensation. Pets. We love them but… Sunlight. Can be very subtle, over time it will damage the shine on a floor. Avoid oil soap, wood floor cleaners, and ammonia-based cleaners. These all sound great but can damage a floor.