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Mold Prevention

Did you know that mold can grow within 24-48 hours after spores are attached to an item and will begin to settle in 1-12 days. Mold problems are most often caused by water damage such as flood, pipe leaks, leaky roofs, dishwasher overflow, washing machine leaks, swollen floor boards and other water stained type areas. It’s imperative to get an assessment on your water damage for mold to make sure that if you have mold it doesn’t spread. Mold requires special containment and fast action to ensure that it doesn’t quickly spread into other areas of your home. Mold isn’t always preventable, but sometimes it is! It’s a good idea to keep your eyes and ears open for ways that you can prevent it. Mold is a type of fungi that can appear everywhere. When it comes to mold prevention the number one way to prevent mold is to keep your eyes out for any sort of water damage. Water damage might include leaking pipes, burst pipes, dishwasher, gutters, air conditioning condensation and more! Recognizing signs of water loss and immediately addressing any water loss will help immensely in preventing mold from appearing. If you’re not able to catch water damage prior to a larger water loss, it’s important to get a water extraction team and water dry out team to remove any water.

Here are a few more tips to help prevent mold:

– Clean out gutters on a regular basis Immediately fix leaky pipes, dishwashers and washing machines
– Make sure your property has proper drainage to allow for water to drain properly
– When taking a hot shower or bath, open a window or make sure to use a fan to avoid water collection and potential mold.
– If you see condensation or moisture collecting on windows, walls or pipes it’s important to immediately dry the wet surface away and minimize the amount of moisture and water exposure.

These are just a few suggestions on how to help prevent mold. If you can see mold or suspect you might have mold, it’s important to immediately call the CRBR team to help with proper mold containment and removal. Attempting to do so incorrectly can cause the mold to spread. Trust the professionals to take care of your home and your health, we’ve been doing it for over 50 years. If you see or suspect Mold in your home, business or vehicle, give us a call so we can do a mold inspection and see what’s going on.