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rebuild paradise

The Rebuild Paradise Foundation, incubated through the North Valley Community Foundation, is a grassroots movement of Camp Fire survivors and community leaders from the public and private sectors who are dedicated to serving the long-term needs of Butte County’s disaster affected residents, businesses and workforce. Founded in January of 2019 under the mentorship of Rebuild Northbay Foundation, we have established this non-profit foundation to provide access to resources and to help lower barriers to entry for those repopulating the disaster areas. The Rebuild Paradise Foundation is proud to partner with other non-profits, corporate donors, private donors and government agencies to accomplish our mission.


The CRBR Foundation is a fund of the North Valley Community Foundation that is able to donate funds to local children living with autism or suffering with life-threatening diseases.

Charities we have donated to in the past include March of Dimes fund, Make-A-Wish Foundation, CSU Autism Clinic, The Yellow Door and the Alyssa Araiza Wings of Angels Organization.

We have been able to raise over $100k in donations the thanks to the support of our sponsors and people that have donated. Cleanrite Buildrite-CRBR and Farmers insurance would like to thank all of our local sponsors and partners that made this possible. These programs that are funded through the communities support give children a sense of normalcy and connection. These annual events continue to grow and succeed through the support of many. If you would like to be a part of one of our charitable golf events please contact us…

the-yellow-door-crbr-cleanrite-buildriteThe foundations we work with: The Yellow Door (Driving FORE! Autism” The mission of The Yellow Door is to support to individuals with autism and their families while promoting student leadership and involvement in the Chico community. The Yellow Door came together out of two desires: to support individuals with autism and their families as well as provide volunteer opportunities and promote awareness to the Chico community. The Center for Disease Control places the current rates of autism at 1/88 children —a number that continues to increase. Individuals with autism and other disabilities and their families often fight for awareness, recognition as individuals and services that are limited. Our hope is to connect students and community members with willing individuals with autism and their families to promote understanding, personal connection, and disability awareness. Our intent is through events such as Chico Walks for Autism a greater sense of community and awareness will be developed for all those participating. The name, “The Yellow Door” comes from an individual with autism that Josie worked with many years ago that liked doors. When asked what their favorite color for a door would be if they could pick, they answered: “yellow, because it’s like opening a door of sunshine.” That positive image is something that The Yellow Door hopes to foster.

a-foundation-of-641x330North Valley Community Foundation, an administrator of The Yellow Door Fund, is a non-profit, philanthropic organization that builds financial resources to meet community needs through grants and programs primarily for residents in the Butte, Colusa, Glenn and Tehama counties.

The Yellow Door Fund and the CRBR Foundation are funds of the North Valley Community Foundation, a nonprofit, philanthropic organization that builds financial resources to meet community needs through grants and programs primarily for residents in the Butte, Colusa, Glenn, and Tehama counties. For more information got to www.nvcf.org.

Alyssa Araiza Wings of Angels (Driving FORE! Hope) Alyssa’s Story Alyssa was a beautiful and very talented girl who was diagnosed with leukemia shortly after her fourth birthday in 1996. After being diagnosed, Alyssa underwent four years of chemotherapy. Alyssa was a student at Boulder Creek Elementary School, starting there while in YMCA preschool and continuing until three weeks before her death. Although Alyssa missed her third-grade year after relapsing in August 2000 and undergoing two bone marrow transplants, she returned briefly during her fourth-grade year to see her very special friends. The courage she showed touched many lives and she will be greatly missed by so many dear friends, family members and those she touched in the medical profession.

wings-of-angels-crbr-cleanrite-buildriteAlyssa will be especially missed by her friends at Boulder Creek School. After Alyssa relapsed, their lives were in turmoil. They spent over five months of Alyssa’s last fourteen months in the hospital. Most of this time was in San Francisco, far away from family and friends. It was there that the deepest friendships formed with doctors, nurses, hospital staff and most importantly families of other seriously ill children. Through the friendships with other families, they learned there was a tremendous need to help families with seriously ill children. Surviving as a family is difficult enough; and combined with serious illness, months of separation, stress, and in many cases, a family member giving up his/her job to be a caregiver and reducing the income to half can be an unbearable burden.

Often these families feel so lost. The strength Alyssa showed during the last year of her life has been the foundation of our family’s strength to form The Alyssa Araiza Wings of Angels Organization in her honor and to help families of other seriously ill children. The Alyssa Araiza Wings of Angels Organization is committed to aiding families who have children suffering from pediatric cancer or life-threatening illness by providing unique support in ways other organizations do not. Families served live in Shasta, Siskiyou, Trinity, Lassen, and Modoc counties in Northern California. Wings have provided $750,000 in assistance to more than 160 families since 2002. For more information visit: http://www.alyssaswingsofangels.org/alyssa.html If you would like to join Our annual “Driving fore Autism” golf tournament in the Chico, CA area, or the “Driving FORE! Hope” in the Redding, CA Area please contact us Dustin Bates at 530-513-1078 or visit www.crbrfoundation.com

Bidwell Bark

CRBR is a proud supporter of the Butte Humane Society and fundraiser like Bidwell Bark!

“On behalf of Butte Humane Society, I would like to extend our thanks Curtis Chamberlain and the CleanRite BuildRite crew for their unwavering generosity over the years. As an avid animal advocate, Curtis has been an integral part of fundraising for our organization, especially during our annual Bidwell Bark event. This event, the biggest animal-friendly fun run, and festival in Butte County are one of the biggest fundraisers for the year. Year after year, Curtis takes first place in both the individual and team challenge for raising the most dollars leading up to the event. His participation motivates others to get involved and encourages friendly competition among peers, resulting in more dollars raised in the spirit of “winning.” The best part of this approach is that the true “winners” are animals. Curtis also inspired the “Doghouse Challenge” competition, which enabled local businesses to build custom dog-houses which were then raffled off and awarded during the event. Of course, the Cleanrite Buildrite entries were always over-the-top amazing.

Aside from Bidwell Bark, Curtis helps out BHS in many other ways. From giving advice to coming to our aid when our veterinary clinic was in need of floor repairs, Curtis is always available to support our mission. As a 100% donation funded organization, BHS depends on the generosity and kindness of individuals and businesses to accomplish our vital mission. People like Curtis, with the support of Cleanrite Buildrite, make a significant difference in our life-saving work.”