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CRBR’s SmartCare Program

Did you know that carpet and flooring lasts almost twice as long when you clean them at 6-12 month intervals! That’s why the carpet cleaning professionals at Cleanrite have implemented a carpet and floor SmartCare program so you don’t even have to think twice about it. Just like the dentist where regular cleaning prolongs the life of your teeth and gums, SmartCare for Carpets is the same concept. A clean carpet is a healthy carpet, thus increasing the longevity of your investment. So sign up today to have your carpets cleaned on a regular basis and you’ll even get a reminder call!

When you sign up for CRBR’s SmartCare program you save time, money and protect your carpet! Here are a few things that signing up for regular carpet and floor cleaning can help with:

Helps to establish and reinforce carpet warranties with regular professional cleanings. Did you know that a lot of carpet warranties are actually voided if you A) do not clean them a certain amount per a year and B) do not have them cleaned properly? Make sure you don’t void your warranty by making sure that you get
your carpets cleaned the right way.

– Prolongs the useful life of your floor coverings
– Boosts the appeal of the visual environment
– Improves the indoor air quality of your structure
– Effectively controls your floor cleaning budget
– Reduces overall capital expenditures

A clean environment maintained by a professional technician SmartCare = 20 YEARS!
Regular cleanings typically make carpets last over 20 years! RANDOM CARE = ONLY 6 YEARS
When it looks like it needs to be cleaned, it1s often too late. NO CARE = ONLY 4 YEARS

You’ll typically get between three and four years in traffic areas. If you had the option of a carpet lasting 4 years or
20 years what would you do? The choice is yours when you decide to schedule regular cleanings.