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10 Things to Do If a Fire Occurs In Your Home

10 Things to Do If a Fire Occurs In Your Home

The days and weeks following a fire can be stressful and overwhelming. It’s easy to lose focus and walk around in a confused daze, unsure of how to recover. The information below will help you and your family get your home and life back to normal.

1. Create a Fire Escape Plan

Before a house fire is even on the table, have an escape plan ready. Know the best escape routes and how to get everyone out safely. Draw a map and practice as often as you can, even if your family objects.

2. Know What Possessions You Lost

When you’re able, walk around the house and take note of items that are damaged beyond repair. You’re going to need this information at a later time. Many people create a list ahead of time so they don’t forget anything when a fire actually occurs.

3. Find A Place to Stay

Don’t be afraid to reach out to local organizations that make it a goal to help families like your own. The Salvation Army and American Red Cross are a few examples.

4. Put Your Pet Somewhere Where They Can Feel Safe

It might not be possible to take your cat or dog with you to your temporary shelter, so find a good place for them to recuperate. If they can’t stay with a friend or relative, a kennel might work.

5. Stay Out Of the Residence

Don’t go back into your home until the fire department gives you permission. Your home will be very unstable and possibly dangerous. Something could fall on you, and you don’t want that to happen.

6. Contact Your Insurance Company

Let your insurance company know about the fire so you can move forward.

7. Replace Valuable Documents

Birth certificates, passports, and other items will need to be replaced.

8. Let Friends and Family Members Know What Happened

Don’t leave your loved ones in the dark.

9. Secure the Area

The last thing you need is looting. Make sure troublemakers can’t get into your home or otherwise vandalize it.

10. Start Cleaning Up

The cleaning process needs to start quickly. If you wait too long, the structure of your home will weaken, and you will have more problems on your hands.