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Contents Cleaning

Contents Cleaning

We’ll do more than just clean and rebuild your home after a disaster—we’ll also clean and restore any valuables or personal goods that were damaged. Our technicians spend a lot of time and training to know how to work with unique and antique items, ensuring that our team members can help restore all of your belongings, even your grandmother’s Victorian chair. Our sophisticated content cleaning equipment can clean everything from electronics to antiques.

Some of our features that set us apart are our complete pack-out of materials process, Barcode-enabled inventory services, and Climate-controlled storage facilities in 5 locations throughout the Northern California area and Reno, Nevada. NV

Here are just a few of the items that can be restored:

-Electronics (computers, televisions, video game systems)
-Antiques and heirlooms
-Documents and books
-Soft goods (bedding, clothing, toys)

Our team can take care of just about any damaged item, from computers to books. Whether they were burned in a fire or soaked by floodwaters, we can restore electronics, antiques, soft goods like clothing and bedding, furniture, and just about anything else you can imagine. Our highly trained restoration team uses the most advanced equipment, so you can know that your valuables will receive the best recovery possible. You’ll be surprised by just how many different kinds of items our team can completely recover even after the most severe property damage. CRBR has successfully recovered contents for many different types of properties. So whether you have a private residence, school, university, hotel, hospital, museum, financial institution, franchise, grocery store, industrial warehouse or an another type of property, CRBR can handle any size job.