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How To Help Others After A Fire

California is on fire! Anyone who has turned on the news can see that. You probably have friends or family that have been affected, we do. We’re often left feeling helpless and unable to do anything for those who have lost because there is so much loss around us! Although there may not be much we can do, there are small, little, extraordinary things that we can do to help others after a fire. Here are a few of our tips on how you can help those in need right now! And remember: Thank a firefighter.

1. Open up your home.

Whether you live far or near make sure your friends and loved ones know they have a place in your home. You may think they have other offers, you may think they’re comfortable at a evacuation center but you never know until you offer. If you’re able to, open up your home to those who have lost everything. You never know what a simple gesture like this might mean to them.

2. Send a gift certificate

Find out what local businesses are available or if necessary, commercial business and send them a gift card so they can fill up on clothes, food, animal supplies or whatever else they might be in crucial help for. A gift certificate is a great way to get them what they need without having to send cash or figuring out what exactly it is they need.

3. Make a meal

If you haven’t been affected by the local fire [ or if you’ve just been staying somewhere other then an evacuation site ] consider making a meal or inviting friends, families and even strangers over to fill their bellies. Many people have lost everything after a fire, the little things help, even if it’s “just” a meal.

4. Bring Groceries

Food. People need food. It’s one of those things that we need to function but often put on the backburner after a major catastrophe. Bringing groceries helps make sure they are getting the food they need during an insanely stressful and burdensome time in their lives.

5. Donate to local rescue efforts

Whether you’re donating time, money, goods or services it’s always great to research the local rescue efforts and donate to organizations or businesses that will be able to directly impact the needs of the local community. It’s always best to connect and give locally when you can. Make sure when donating fiscally to organizations like the Red Cross to write on your check what community you want it to go to.

6. Help donate services i.e. construction rebuilding

When the time comes, if you’re able to offer up services, any kind of services, that can help rebuild homes and businesses – do so! There’s nothing more essential then a community that is in it together. Communities often can’t rebuild without the help of others. If you have time and ability to give, help out! Your friends, family and strangers will appreciate it.

7. Connect them with others who may be able to help

This one is simple. If you’re not able to help, connect them with people who can. Our hearts go out and break to those in California who have lost everything. Our hearts are with you.


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